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Our brokerage Sales Experience is Legendary…$500M+ yearly volume. Measured by both statistics and our families telling us they think we’re the best!

We'll Handle This For You

In the rapidly evolving world of real estate, the sale of a property requires more than just listing it on the typical websites. To achieve the trifecta of success – a highest selling price, a quick turn around time, and a hassle free transaction, one must have a thorough understanding of the market and its players.

Core Selling Strategy

At the core of a successful real estate sale is a digital marketing strategy that reaches beyond the usually online suspects and must connect with a wider much larger pool of potential buyers. Although, merely reaching potential buyers is not enough. A successful sale also requires the implementation of pricing strategies, deft negotiating skills, and the ability to navigate a market that is ever changing.

Enter HouseSigma

This is where HouseSigma comes in. Our focus is on providing a smooth and seamless selling experience for our clients. We understand that communication, trust, and fully transparency are the key ingredients to success, and our skilled experts are equipped to handle even the most unique of circumstances. We take pride in our ability to achieve the results our clients desire and we do this every day.

Stand Out From The Crowd When Selling Your House

Your listing will be “Featured” on our Map Search, whether on desktop or the app, ensuring it stands out prominently. Regardless of how users zoom in or out, your Featured Listing will consistently capture attention. Boosting local exposure is crucial for a successful sale at the best price.

Featured Listings Get 5X+ More Exposure

Want your home to stand out? In addition to listing on MLS®, HouseSigma’s Featured Listings receive special attention on our platform, potentially reaching millions of users on the HouseSigma app and website. Our robust marketing platform guarantees your listing will consistently stand out. Whenever potential buyers open the app, your home takes the front page, significantly boosting the likelihood of a successful sale.

Team Strength

When you are represented by HouseSigma to sell your home you get the benefit of having not only the REALTORS®, but also the full team supporting you behind the scenes. 

Our ICON Group consists of listing agents, buying agents, administration staff, a stager/designing team, professional photographer, UAV pilot, videographer, social media expert, online marketing strategist.

Having a real estate team full of trained specialists allows us to manage every aspect of selling your home in the most professional and efficient manor possible.

Get The Truth About Selling Your Home

We are all about Trust, buying a house is a huge endeavour and one that may likely involve the most expensive purchase of your life…You need a real estate team that you can trust.

We know our local Orangeville real estate market as well as the many pockets around it in Dufferin County.  Being local REALTORS® we know the good, the bad and the ugly and we aren’t afraid to give you our honest opinion of a house, scenario or location.  Our top notch buying agents are not just in it for the sale, they are about building trust and relationships that last beyond the purchase of a house.

Make Your Home Shine

What does it take to sell your home for the highest price, the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of  hiccups?

Houses that look best sell faster, this is why we only use professionals to showcase your home.  We do a staging consultation to come up with a designing and staging plan, they our stagers can work their magic!  These days most buyers find homes online, and that is the perfect place to show off your beautiful homes photos and videos! This is why we employ a professional photographer, videographer and drone pilot to help to show potential buyers your home in its best light.

Best Home Selling Price

Our goal as REALTORS® is to find that perfect property and for you to get the best possible price…Ever real estate agent says that, don’t they?

Here’s where we are different…Not only do we want the best price for you, of course we do, but we also want the strongest contract terms and the ultimate protection for you.

How do we do this?

  • Our expert negotiation skills are derived from experience and training.
  • Dive in deep, we research…And then we do more research.
  • Write contracts that benefit you, your wants and your needs.
  • Protect you with contract conditions, allowing for due diligence before ‘firming up’ the deal.

Protection is key, as is knowing what you are buying

Experience has taught us that your house needs to be priced right, pricing strategies vary depending one the market conditions.  Price too high and it can sit for months and become a ‘cold’ listing, price too low and you could leave money on the table.  Pricing properties right comes from experience and local real estate market data.  

We work with you and your timelines to come up with a pricing strategy that will both get you the most amount of money for your home and sell it in the least amount of time.

Protection is key as is knowing what you buying.

Ryan Google verified | 1 year ago

I recently had the pleasure of working with Steve on a real estate transaction, and I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the entire process. From start to finish, Steve demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that truly set him apart in the real estate industry.

Shawn Google verified | a month ago

Steve is the real estate pro you want on your side. With sharp market insights, quick communication, and stellar negotiation skills, he made my experience a breeze. Professional and personable, Steve gets my wholehearted recommendation.

Becky Google verified | 6 months ago

Steve is a real estate gem! His market savvy, quick communication, and expert negotiation skills made my transaction smooth. Professional and friendly, I highly recommend Steve for your real estate needs.

Ally Google verified | 3 months ago

Steve is a standout in real estate. His market knowledge, prompt communication, and negotiation finesse made my experience stress-free. Professional and friendly, I highly recommend Steve for your real estate needs.

Aron Google verified | 1 year ago

Protection, protection, protection, Stephen was always making sure we were covered when we purchased our rural property, he sure knows his stuff!