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Stephen Kelk | REALTOR® | $500M+ Yearly brokerage Sales Volume*.

Working For You

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside you. As a HouseSigma REALTOR® deeply rooted in the community, I hold a strong commitment to living in, working in, and supporting our neighbourhoods. My enthusiasm lies in connecting with new families and guiding them through the process of buying and selling homes, although my true passion is helping people achieve something great that resonates with their heart and desires.

What We bring to the table

I realized that something very important was lacking from the real estate industry…Housing knowledge, a deep understanding of the building science of houses, as well as the potential costs associated. In order to be the absolute best salesperson possible you really need to know your product…Especially when that product is likely the most expensive purchase of ones life.

On Your Side Buying A House

Having owned/operated a home inspection company. for over 10 years, being a party to 2500+ real estate transactions as well as doing major home renovations since 2006 (owning/operating a renovation company) it was clear that I was in the perfect position to become possibly one of the most well rounded REALTORS®.

Absolutely Showcased During The Sale!

When I list your home for sale I work with the best team to make sure your home is being showcased to it’s fullest. I have sourced the absolute top photographer, designer, stager, videographer, social media expert, marketing guru and advertising team who know how to get eyes on your property!

Knowing The Housing Product

Truly knowing the product that I sell allows me to act in your best interest and offer excellent protection, I am…a REALTOR® with a unique advantage. As a lifelong entrepreneur I have always strived for knowledge. For years I have been tirelessly studying the art of negotiation, working with elite top real estate coaches, guided by one of the most respected exclusive real estate mentors. I made it my mission to offer a superior real estate service that was unlike any other, all this…just so I could get the opportunity to work with YOU!


We employ a very skilled photography company for both interior and drone imagery, they are able to take breathtaking photographs of our listings both on the ground and from the air. What they can do with his camera equipment is really mind-blowing, they truly tell as story with their photos and video.


The team behind the video camera, responsible for bringing our films and listings to life. Our videos make for fantastic online material that will serve to attract viewers to our social media and website, ultimately leading to the individual who will make the decision to purchase your home.

Social Media Guru's

It is very important to have someone on the team who is responsible for taking care of the social media needs of the real estate company. Social media requires a significant amount of time to generate content and ensure that it is posted in an appropriate manor in order to attract the largest audience possible.

Staging & Design

It is very important to stage a property before selling it. Although your home is wonderful just the way it is, there is an art to making it look in a way that would attract the greatest number of potential buyers. Staging may be done with furniture and/or decorations in your home, or with hand picked items that our stager brings in to make it show its absolute best!

Digital Marketing Specialist

These days, many buyers discover houses they want to see or buy online and may even receive real-time alerts, it is crucial to place suitable homes in front of the appropriate buyers, we want them to see specific ads tailored to their housing wants and needs. Our expert in online advertising will see to it that this occurs, exposing your home to people who are actively looking for a place like yours.

Digital & Print Marketing Designer

We have the perfect team to create any type of advertisement needed, be it a print ad, a listing brochure, a mailer, an online ad, or anything else requiring artwork and/or literature. They are extremely knowledgeable, and the results of whatever they create for us are always stunning.

Web Design & Traffic

It is absolutely necessary to have a gorgeous website that draws attention to featured properties and information about the real estate market. Our website attracts a significant number of viewers who are in the market to either purchase or sell a property. In addition, it provides a wealth of resources for individuals who are interested in learning more about real estate in general as well as the process of navigating the market.

Ryan Google verified | 1 year ago

I recently had the pleasure of working with Steve on a real estate transaction, and I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the entire process. From start to finish, Steve demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that truly set him apart in the real estate industry.

Shawn Google verified | a month ago

Steve is the real estate pro you want on your side. With sharp market insights, quick communication, and stellar negotiation skills, he made my experience a breeze. Professional and personable, Steve gets my wholehearted recommendation.

Becky Google verified | 6 months ago

Steve is a real estate gem! His market savvy, quick communication, and expert negotiation skills made my transaction smooth. Professional and friendly, I highly recommend Steve for your real estate needs.

Ally Google verified | 3 months ago

Steve is a standout in real estate. His market knowledge, prompt communication, and negotiation finesse made my experience stress-free. Professional and friendly, I highly recommend Steve for your real estate needs.

Aron Google verified | 1 year ago

Protection, protection, protection, Stephen was always making sure we were covered when we purchased our rural property, he sure knows his stuff!

$500M+ Sales volume based on 2021 brokerage total gci