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The Grime Team REALTORS® | Township & Neighbourhood Guide

Please enjoy this neighbourhood and township guide we've put together for you.

AMARANTH (click for more info)

DUFFERIN COUNTY (click for more info)

GRAND VALLEY (click for more info)

MULMUR (click for more info) || The wilderness around Murmur is unlike any other, from this vantage point; rolling hills and thick woodlands stretching in every direction, revealing a timeless scene of vibrant green and deep shadows.

CALEDON (click for more info)┬á||┬áCaledon, Ontario, is a gorgeous town nestled amid the province’s rolling hills, and it’s a place where history and natural beauty collide in a unique manner. Caledon epitomizes rural appeal with its rich history, diversified landscape, and close-knit community.

EAST GARAFRAXA (click for more info)

MONO (click for more info)

ORANGEVILLE (click for more info) || Orangeville, located in the heart of Ontario, has seen rapid expansion in recent years. With a population of over 29,000 people, Orangeville has evolved as a sought-after location for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while remaining near enough to enjoy the city’s attractions.

CALEDON EAST (click for more info)

ERIN (click for more info)

MANSFIELD (click for more info)

SHELBURNE (click for more info) || If you visit Shelburne today, you may tour the downtown area and see some extremely fascinating old structures, such as the Town Hall and Grace Tipling Hall. The Town Hall was constructed in 1883 and has served numerous purposes throughout the years, such as a store, a movie theatre, and a shoe repair shop! Now, it is a unique venue for art exhibitions, concerts, and other events.

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